Sunday, August 29, 2010

Record Finds 08-29-2010

It was a Sunday morning, and I went to go shopping for records. First I went to the Stouffville Country Market, but all of the records there were mould-infested like no other! So I decided to go to Value Village instead, knowing that there would be some good records there. And look what I found! I was stuck in 45 heaven, and believe it or not I found a VG+ copy of Led Zeppelin IV sitting in a Bread sleeve! Ahhh... I feel very happy to get what I've been wanting for a long time. :D


BTW, here's a correction/update to my "Beware of YT Taste Bullies" message I posted yesterday. The guy replied me back with an apology:

It was nice of him to do that, actually. :D Glad that it didn't escalate to the point that he would block me, and hopefully, at the very least, will become acquaintances! A little communication is a good thing, because a lot can be misinterpereted in personal messages.

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