Sunday, December 26, 2010

Coming Attractions for the New Year

Coming Attractions for the New Year

Hi everybody. Ryan here to let you know that I'll be posting records in different themes on YouTube when the new year comes.

Here are the planned themes for January 2011:

Songs in Time
Ring out of 2010 and give a warm welcome to 2011 as I will spin some great songs about time for you! Starts on New Years' Eve (near the very end of December 31, 2010) and continues through January 01.

4 Days of Buffalo Stance Mixes
The epitome of ultimate gigoloifization! You've heard Neneh doin' her gigolo thang. Now prepare for the remixes! Spread out over 4 days, the 4th day contains 2 mixes in one! Starts on the 3rd and continues through the 6th.

PRN Daze
Prince is awesome, and U know it! Since WMG does not allow his songs on UTube, eye will B posting them on Viddler. Starts on the 7th and continues through the 8th.

John James Wants to Know Where It All Began and Where It's Gonna Go... on YT
Hey! Come to Toronto and you'll meet a cool guy named Johnny. Not many of his tracks are on YouTube, so I will be uploading 2 singles from "Big Fat Soul" plus a bonus cover version of a song by Mercy Ray. Starts on the 9th and continues through the 10th.

Hurricane: New World Mixes
Obscure funk galore by Dupont. Prepare to be taken back to 1990, when everything was cool. Well... I don't have the 12"er yet, but I will be ordering it off of eBay on the 6th as a late birthday present. Then it will be uploaded sometime in mid-January.

Stay tuned to my YouTube channel in the New Year!


(note: this list of themes is subject to update at any time)