Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beware of YT Taste Bullies!

Last night I subscribed to a YouTube user who has lots of great Canadian music on his channel (especially the old 50's and 60's stuff). Now when I woke up today, I went to check my YouTube inbox, and lo and behold, this is what appeared in my personal messages!

This is way out of line! He should have thanked me for my subscription to his channel, but instead he got angry at me because, as far as I can see, he only wants his subscribers to like one type of music! From the tone of his message, he couldn't grasp the idea that my channel could be different than his and yet I still like the music he uploads! You see, my record collection weighs at over a thousand, and I like a very, very wide variety of musical genres. In my opinion, everybody is welcome to have their own musical tastes, but they are not welcome to want all their followers to like the exact same type of music!

So, whatever you do, beware of the YouTube taste bullies. They may not say it on their YouTube channel, but they actually want their followers to have the exact same musical tastes as the bullies themselves! This is more than a subscriber trying to weed out potential spammers (you know, like the "Earn Subscribers" guys that were around in the past months of 2010). This is someone who says "my way or the highway", while I say no way to that! It's our differences that make us unique, and that's what great music is all about... bringing many genres and influences together in a whole different way!


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