Monday, June 28, 2010

Mad Shadows

On my last vinyl shopping trip, I came back with a huge haul of excellent finds, including a record by yet another mysterious Canadian artist.

Ok, now let's recap about the record.

It's a 12" 45 rpm EP entitled "Music in the Night" by a Canadian rock group from the 1980's called the "Mad Shadows". I can't find any info about them on the net, because it's likely an independent record (I can tell from the small "custom record people" writing on the bottom right corner of the back cover, and also by looking at the front cover).

The one thing interesting about this record is that there is some handwriting on the back, probably David McLennan (leader of the Mad Shadows), who autographed this record and gave it as a gift to somebody:

To Samuel very special
and very wonderful,
I won't ever forget you,

I played this EP and turns out it's a pretty nice Bruce Springsteen-esque record with 6 great songs on it. It would be likely that if they had made any more records, they surely would have been a popular band here in Canada. Unfortunately they didn't and I think they have been forgotten for a long time...

...until now, when I finally rediscovered this record in the vinyl section of Value Village.

Here are videos of both sides of the record; listen and enjoy.

Side 1
1. Gold (3:24)
2. Real Eyes (3:25)
3. Music in the Night (3:47)

Side 2
1. (Driving My) Jaguar Far (3:37)
2. The River Flows (3:04)
3. "747" (3:26)

P.S. If anybody has any info about the Mad Shadows (members: David McLennan, Randy Reibling, Kevin Cholerton, and Blair Polischuk), feel free to leave a comment in the comments section!

"bzkzgz" made a comment on my YouTube video about the Mad Shadows record and provided some further information about them:

Album is from 1985 I believe (I have it on cassette - taped from a friend's lp). Mad Shadows were from Winnipeg, and were a favourite bar band fo some of us in Brandon, MB in the early 80's. They did great covers of groups like the English Beat (Ranking Full Stop, Tears Of A Clown) as well as some original stuff. A good band to dance to .... I remember partying with them one night after their show at "the hill" as well.

Since he also requested a picture of the album cover, I'll put it up on this post later today.

EDIT 07/05/2010: PICTURES.


  1. Hey Ryan I have all the info on the Mad Shadows I can put you in touch with the Drummer Blair if you like. He would love to share the story!

  2. Hello Ryan,
    My name is Blair Polischuk and I was the drummer and tour manager for the Mad Shadows. A student of mine discovered your blog today.....
    Thank-you for the trip down memory lane!

  3. @Spike: Hi Mr. Polischuk! Glad I happened across this great record at the local Value Village in Newmarket, Ontario. Thought it was cool to see the autograph from David McLennan on the back cover! So many people have commented to me saying that after hearing the album here, your band really rocked! Sounds like you're a teacher now... are you still into music? Thanks again for dropping by!


  4. more, more please. these guys worked hard on stage! i've seen them from Crowsnest Pass thru to Saskatoon. they used to be called The Newbeats if i am not mistaken. Where is everyone now?

  5. @CM "they used to be called The Newbeats if i am no mistaken."

    Does that make up for the fact that their record label was named New Beat? what a cool fact!

  6. How weird. I saw them play at a club in Victoria, BC, in 1986 and I thought at the time that they looked and sounded a LOT like INXS. They were a lot of fun live.

  7. Would you ever consider selling this album! ? David is like a second dad to me! I actually just left his place and it would be a dream come true to have this album and listen to it with him. I grew listening to him and he was with me the day i bought my firat Bass and is now teaching me how to play it. Him and his wife have been a huge influence in my life. I could also get you in touch with him.

  8. Email me asap at PLEASE! !!!!!!

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  10. Wow. What a great blog find! I grew up with Blair as my drum teacher back in the 70's. What a brilliant, amazing man! Funny, I just turned my album into digital so I can still listen to it with all the old Regina boys who all went to school with the Polischuks.

  11. Did the band play any gigs in London supporting Cuddly Toys in 1981?